Gold Coin Chicken and Hong Kong’s frugal side

I became obsessed with the history of Gold Coin Chicken right around the time I became obsessed with the idea of Hong Kong. For much of my life I’ve had a romantic image of the city. I’ve been there four times over the course of my childhood and each trip left me wanting more. I ate up the city’s history, a fascinating juxtaposition of new … Continue reading Gold Coin Chicken and Hong Kong’s frugal side

Tracing globalization with noodles

Nearly all of the restaurants in the Asian immigrant business districts of Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley will serve some kind of noodle dish. Hong Kong-style cafes, the ubiquitous jack-of-all-trades diners of the SGV, serve macaroni in soup and spaghetti in cream sauce as well as traditional Cantonese noodle stir-fries and the occasional Thai-inspired noodle creation. In Vietnamese restaurants, found all over the middle portion … Continue reading Tracing globalization with noodles