Thanksgiving, immigrants and Kentucky Fried Chicken

By Vivian Ho In a beat-up, rust-colored sedan, my parents sat bundled up against the cold, their breath turning to frost. My mother held in her arms a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a splurge for them at the time. My father, taking a break from his studies, eased their used car down the icy roads, out of the student slums and into a part … Continue reading Thanksgiving, immigrants and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Christmas* in China

By Zoe Yang The porchetta sparkled. Its skin, lovingly crosshatched, was like some exotic mineral deposit of burnished brown jewels. Raisins, minced pork, pine nuts, and herbs spilled out of its sides – a cornucopia manifest. It smelled like winter in Piedmonte. Joanna, my boss, regarded my quivering, seductively-steaming twenty-pound mass of pork belly and wrinkled her nose. β€œIt smells like Chinese medicine.” It was … Continue reading Christmas* in China