ChinaTownies is an monthly quarterly occasionally basically never published magazine of Chinese food, culture and city life based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It is the creation of a Tennessee-raised Taiwanese American and a Philippine-raised Chinese guy who met at the newsroom of UCLA’s student paper. Here you’ll find a conversation, carried out in meals, about how East influences West and West influences East on both sides of the Pacific. Drop us a line: chinatownies@gmail.com.

Daikokuya for Reno's BdayFrank Shyong is a reporter at the Los Angeles Times. He was born in Michigan, raised in Tennessee, and moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to study economics at UCLA. He’s reported for the Taipei Times, Entertainment Weekly, and the Orange County Register, and worked a variety of other interesting jobs that failed to impress his parents. Chinese buffets (and all-you-can-eat restaurants in general) tremble at his approach and wish they had never been born.

E-mail him at frank.shyong@gmail.com


Photo credit: Tiffany Cheng

reno profileReno Ong is a copy editor at TIME in Hong Kong. He grew up in Manila and moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to study English literature at UCLA. Now he’s in Hong Kong. He’s copyedited for the Orange County Register and an accounting magazine that you’ve probably never heard of. He thinks Chinese buffets are cool, especially when there’s nothing else open and the alternative is eating dinner rolls taken from a plane. He really likes eggs. And potatoes.

E-mail him at ongreno@gmail.com


Photo credit: Tiffany Cheng


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